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Business Portal of Indiais an exclusive portal thataims to cater to all business related information needs of the end users.It is a single windowaccess to all possible business related information vital for an entrepreneur, particularly for those of small and medium firms. The information isprovided in the form of a well-developed content frameworksupported by hyperlinks, online services, frequentlyasked questions, economic news and latest updates in the national and global business scenario. Thus, itprovides an easyaccess to diverse aspects of business in a user-friendlymanner.In a nutshell, the Business Portal of India endows the readerswithastep-by-step guide for starting, developing and sustaining a business in India.

The portal has varied modules and sub-modules, relating to the variousstepsinvolved in a business life cycle rangingfrom 'starting a Business' to 'expandingitinto a successfulenterprise' and so on. These sections provide information on:-

Address: Embassy of India, 46, Prasarnmitr, Sukhumvit, Soi 23, Bangkok 10110.
Working hours: 0900-1200 HRS : Submission of Applications for attestation & OCI/PIO services at the Embassy.
1500-1630 HRS : Delivery of Consular Documents at the Embassy.
Telephone Numbers: 02-2580300-5   Fax Number: 02-2584627 / 2621740
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