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Advisory for Indian visitors coming to Thailand and wishing to apply for Visa on Arrival in Thailand

  1. Fill out the Application Form.
  2. If possible, carry Thai currency 1000 Bahts to pay for the visa.
  3. One can also change USD or INR etc. at one of the banks at airport.
  4. Please carry 2 passport size photos.
  5. Please keep a copy of the return air ticket and details of hotel or place of stay handy.
  6. Each visitor is required to show that he /she is carrying USD 750 or equivalent in any currency.
Address: Embassy of India, 46, Prasarnmitr, Sukhumvit, Soi 23, Bangkok 10110.
Working hours: 0900-1200 HRS : Submission of Applications for attestation & OCI/PIO services at the Embassy.
1500-1630 HRS : Delivery of Consular Documents at the Embassy.
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