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Remarks by Ambassador Bhagwant Singh Bishnoi at the Prayer Meeting organized by the India Thai Chamber of Commerce

24 October 2017


1. I thank you all for being here today. Our coming together on this occasion is testimony to the esteemed reverence in which His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej was held by the Indian community. For the past year, the community has been one with all those who reside in this land in grieving the monumental loss.

2. Outsiders may find it difficult to understand as to how an entire country be mourning for an entire year. This prolonged national outpouring of grief was because His Majesty was, indeed, central to the nation and to each and every one of its inhabitants. If people have dressed in black or muted colours for an entire year, it is because his death is a loss for each and every one of them.

3. His Majesty had a deep influence on his people. He was a true leader as he even shaped the way people thought.

4. I remember reading a post on social media after the King passed away. The post referred to His Majesty’s loving leadership and said that he gave minorities protection from being targeted for looking different. That is so true. It is something that is acknowledged by the presence of all of you here today.

5. The Indian community held a multi-faith prayer ceremony a year ago. We come together once again, on the eve of the funeral, to pray for peace for the departed soul. While we sing devotional songs and pray to our respective Gods, we are united in seeking eternal peace for the King of Heats who left for his heavenly abode a year ago.

6. I thank the India Thai Chamber of Commerce for organizing this event.



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